wild flower essences

Sustainable Wild flower essences

The aim of Wildflower is not just to collect flower essences but to promote the growth and spread of wild flowers throughout the countryside. We cultivate seeds from mature plants and distribute them at other wild sites to try to return more natural flora to the environment.

The growth of farming over the past four decades has contributed to a steep decline in wild flowers throughout the UK and overseas. The use of pesticides and fertilisers, as well as the wide scale clearing of hedgerows, hay meadows and wild flower pastures, has created a huge imbalance to the natural environment in which wild flowers used to flourish. That in turn has had a devastating impact on insects such as bees and butterflies essential for wild flowers to thrive, and on the birds which feed from the insects.

To play a small part in correcting this imbalance, Wildflower invests in beehives to encourage pollination, as well as in the flowers themselves. We do not use the hives for commercial purposes but leave them alone to thrive naturally.

By buying a Wildflower essence you are therefore contributing to the wider environment. Thank you.

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