wild flower essences


Some opinions from our customers

“I‘ve been taking Nettle for about a week, and already I’ve noticed a difference in my attitude to people's thoughts.”

Angela, South Africa

“Taking the remedy has also helped me reflect more on what is actually happening. Since finishing the remedy I have found I am better able in not getting caught up in others' negativity and do something positive for myself too. Moving forward I feel much better equipped to manage the work situation I am currently in.”

Debbie, UK

“Paul, I don’t know if its meant to work this quickly, but those drops are amazing. They seem to have given Emily an 'inner strength', not really calmer or less nervous, just stronger somehow.”

Sam, New Zealand

“I can't believe the difference there is by just holding the bottle. White archangel works miracles.”

Eva, France

“I purchased Herb Robert and the White Archangel at the mind body and spirit show in London. I have used White Archangel on a regular basis and do feel a difference in my anger levels. I was able to just let angry situation pass me by in a calm controlled way. Isn't that wonderful. “

Nicola, UK

“I can't explain why, but I had the urge to take Herb Robert from time to time before I go to sleep .I can't pinpoint exactly how this essence works with me but I am moving on with situations in my life now.”

Joseph, UK

“We love your essences. Our Naturopathic Doctors and myself have been trying them and love them.”

Orly MBA, MSc, Flower Essence Herbalist, CA, USA